Recent Acknowledgements

In April of 2020, Susan's poem, Mockingbird, was published in the Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume 5. Due to an editing error, the poem was published with missing stanzas and the publisher is republishing the complete poem in its 2021 edition.

New Ohio Review published in April, The Good Life in their exclusive online edition of 2020. This poem was singled out by the Editor, Dave Wanczyk, for inclusion in their "Animal" themed online edition. Dave Wanczyk explained his choosing the poem by saying "the last line of the poem is very surprising and, though straightforward, packs a complex punch".

While not selected for The Lascaux Prize in 2020, Susan's poem Mockingbird was long-listed, being in the final 30 out of over 2,000 entries.

And, in the Spring of 2020 Susan's poem, Slipknot for a Hurricane was chosen for inclusion in the Spring 2021 edition of the respected journal put out by Jill Hoffman, Mudfish 22, with the poem titled simply Slipknot.